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Two-Year Polish Work Permit for Non-Skilled Jobs

Embark on a transformative journey with Poland’s Two-Year Work Permit, specially designed for non-skilled international job seekers. This permit offers a unique opportunity to experience working in Europe’s dynamic job market, without the need for specialized skills or qualifications. It’s an ideal gateway for those aspiring to explore new cultures, gain international work experience, and contribute to Poland’s thriving economy.

Key Features:

  • Duration: 2 Years, offering stability and ample time to integrate into the Polish work environment.
  • Eligibility: Simplified criteria, making it accessible for a wide range of applicants seeking employment opportunities in Poland.
  • Sectors: Diverse employment options in sectors like agriculture, manufacturing, and service industries.
  • Cultural Experience: Immerse yourself in Poland’s rich heritage, learn a new language, and engage with a diverse community.
  • Economic Opportunity: Contribute to and benefit from one of Europe’s rapidly growing economies.

This work permit is your ticket to not just a job, but an enriching life experience in the heart of Europe. Step forward and seize the opportunity to grow, explore, and be a part of Poland’s vibrant workforce!

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Poland Opens Doors to Unskilled Foreign Workers with Two-Year Work Permit

In an unprecedented move, Poland has extended a warm invitation to unskilled foreign workers, offering a two-year work permit as part of its strategy to bolster the workforce. This initiative reflects Poland’s recognition of the vital role that foreign talent plays in its economy, especially in sectors where manual or less technical skills are in high demand. The two-year duration of the permit is a strategic decision, providing a stable window for both employees and employers to benefit from this arrangement. For the workers, it’s more than just an employment opportunity; it’s a chance to immerse in Poland’s rich cultural tapestry, learn a new language, and experience life in a vibrant European country.

This policy isn’t just a beacon of hope for those seeking better employment opportunities; it’s also a testament to Poland’s commitment to building a diverse and inclusive workforce. The eligibility criteria for the permit are tailored to ensure a straightforward and accessible process for applicants. By simplifying the bureaucracy, Poland is effectively laying out a red carpet for non-skilled workers worldwide, inviting them to contribute to various sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and services. This initiative not only opens up new horizons for thousands of aspiring workers but also positions Poland as a key player in the global dialogue on labor mobility and economic diversity.

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  1. Putri Mujahidah

    Do I need a valid passport when I’m applying for a work permit to Europe country?

    • SHB Agency

      Yes, in order to get a work permit you must have a valid passport. You must enclose a copy of your passport with your application.

      Enclose a copy of your passport with your appli­ca­tion
      You must enclose a copy of your passport with your application for a residence permit. Keep in mind that all information in your passport must be visible when photographing or scanning it in order to enclose it with your application.

      You must enclose copies of the pages in your passport which show

      personal data
      period of validity
      country of issue
      if you are authorized to live in countries other than your country of origin.
      Keep in mind that this information can be found on different pages in the passport, so it is important that you copy all pages necessary.

      It is important that the complete machine-readable code on the identity page (see the highlighted area in the image), is clearly visible.
      Digits and characters at the very top and the very bottom of your passport must also be clearly visible on the copies of your passport. If the above information is not visible or unclear, the Migration Agency will ask you to submit a new copy of your passport. This means that it will take longer for you to get a decision in your case.

      In some cases, you also need to make copies of the pages in the passport that contain entry and exit stamps. It is important that you make a copy of all stamps you have in the passport and that the entire page where the stamp is located is visible in the copy.

      If your passport is about to expire, you should renew it as you cannot obtain a residence permit for a period longer than the validity of your passport. Contact the authority who issued your passport in order to renew it.

      If your family will accompany you and you are applying on their behalf at the same time, you must also enclose copies of their passports which show the information detailed above.

      If you do not apply online, you will need to send in a copy of your passport along with your application. You will also need to show your passport in original when you submit your application or when you are visiting the Migration Agency or the embassy for an interview.

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