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  1. Employment Type: Full-time position.
  2. Salary: 4320 Zloty per month
  3. Guaranteed working hours: 10 hours per day
  4. Accommodation: Assistance is provided for finding suitable accommodation. 500 Zloty per month.
  5. Accommodation: Organized by us, costs about 800 PLN (payable by the employee) or can be arranged independently.
  6. Employee Care: Provided by a coordinator who speaks your language.
  7. Legalization of Stay and Work: Assistance in obtaining a residence card/work permit in Poland.
  8. Duration: 2 years / Renewable: Yes
  9. Process:
    1. Costs Workpermit: 1250€
    2. Processing time: 2-3 months


Additional information

Processing time

2 – 3 Months


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