Poland Work Permit Assistant Service

Original price was: €1.500,00.Current price is: €1.200,00.

Embark on your career in Poland with ease using our Poland Work Permit Assistant Service. Perfect for professionals, skilled workers, none skill and those seeking employment opportunities in Poland, our service simplifies the complex process of obtaining a Polish work permit.


  1. Employment Type: Full-time position.
  2. Salary: 4320 Zloty per month
  3. Guaranteed working hours: 10 hours per day
  4. Accommodation: Assistance is provided for finding suitable accommodation. 500 Zloty per month.
  5. Accommodation: Organized by us, costs about 800 PLN (payable by the employee) or can be arranged independently.
  6. Employee Care: Provided by a coordinator who speaks your language.
  7. Legalization of Stay and Work: Assistance in obtaining a residence card/work permit in Poland.
  8. Duration: 2 years / Renewable: Yes

Additional information

Processing time

Proses time Estimation: 2–3 Months

Process Fee

Costs of Documents preparation: €1200

1st Instalment : €600 (in registration processing)
2sd Instalment : €600 (after working permit proved)

Shipping: of the original Documents €100


1. Valid scan of Passport
3. CV

6 reviews for Poland Work Permit Assistant Service

  1. Amina H

    “I was passionate about bringing my textile design expertise to the Polish furniture industry but had no idea where to start. The job consultancy was instrumental in highlighting my skills to local manufacturers. Thanks to their dedicated efforts, I now work with one of the best sofa producers in Poznań, designing fabric patterns that are uniquely appreciated here.”

  2. Anita

    “Finding a job in a new country was daunting, but this consulting service made it so much easier. They understood the challenges I faced and provided specific guidance that helped me get my first job in the Poland, Europe. I am grateful for their patience and personalized help throughout my job search.”

  3. Benjamin

    “This consulting service is top-notch for executives looking to enhance their career paths. Their strategic insights and network introductions have opened doors that I didn’t even know existed. Their professional guidance has been a game changer for my career trajectory.”

  4. KUMAR P.

    “As a recent graduate, I was overwhelmed with the job search process, but this consulting service truly guided me through every step. They helped me refine my resume, prepare for interviews, and even gave me insights into the industry I was interested in. I landed my first job within two months! Highly recommend their personalized approach.”

  5. Dinesh M

    “Adjusting to the job market in Poland was challenging, particularly in a niche field like sofa manufacturing. The consultants provided me with clear steps and resources to improve my machine operation skills and adapt them to the local industry standards. Their comprehensive support helped me secure a position at a renowned furniture factory in Katowice, which has been a fantastic experience for my career growth.”

  6. Nina K

    “After moving to Poland, I struggled to find a position that matched my experience in quality control within the furniture industry. The job consultancy services were recommended by a friend, and they turned out to be a great resource. They connected me with several manufacturers and I am now overseeing quality control for a leading sofa factory in Gdańsk.”

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