Hungary Work Permit Assistant Service


Embark on your career in Hungary with ease using our Hungary Work Permit Assistant Service. Perfect for professionals, skilled workers, none skill and those seeking employment opportunities in Hungary, our service simplifies the complex process of obtaining a Hungary work permit.



  1. Employment Type: Full-time position.
  2. Salary: €800 – €1000 / Month
  3. Guaranteed working hours: 10 hours per day
  4. Accommodation: Assistance is provided for finding suitable accommodation.
  5. Employee Care: Provided by the Employer
  6. Legalization of Stay and Work: Assistance in obtaining a residence card/work permit in Hungary.
  7. Training: Opportunities for training and skill development in warehouse operations and safety procedures.
  8. Safety Measures: Strict adherence to safety protocols and guidelines to ensure a secure working environment.
  9. Duration: 2 years / Renewable: Yes


Additional information

Processing time

Proses time Estimation: 2–3 Weeks

Process Fee

Costs of Documents preparation: €1200

Instalments :
1st Instalment : €600 (in registration processing)
2sd Instalment : €600 (after working permit proved)

Shipping: of the original Documents €100


1. Valid scan of Passport
2. Detail registration form
3. CV


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