Warehouse worker in a high-visibility vest and hard hat organizing and stacking boxes in a storage facility.


Job description:

It is necessary to collect orders through a scanner (scanner in Russian). An order comes to the scanner, where it is indicated: product name, shelf number, and product photo. You need to collect the goods in baskets and put them on an automatic line along the sectors.

Sectors in stock:

– dry food + water (temperature + 18-26 degrees);

– vegetables, meat, and fish in a package (refrigerator from +2-8 degrees);

– freezer (up to -20 degrees) only men work;

– bakery (+30).

The main sector in which you will work is the sector with large packaged goods. The heaviest goods are boxes with products, which can be 10-20 kg each. And also water in a package of 6 pieces of 1.5 and 2 liters, sometimes you need to raise 1–2 packages of water. Milk in a package of 20 pieces of 1 liter.


Information about the Job:

  • Schedule:
    • – 4/1 (four days to work, one to rest)
    • – 6/1 (six days to work, one to rest)
    • – It’s your choice. Once a month, you can take two days off in a row.
  • Shifts:
    • – Two shifts: the first from 3.00 to 15.00; the second from 12.00 to 24.00 (the standard shift is 12 hours, but they can be released earlier or left for processing for another hour).
  • Breaks:
    • – The break is 40 min (20 min lunch and two 10-min breaks)
  • Vacation
    • – 20 days a year, first vacation after 3 months of work
  • Accommodation
    • – Free accommodation. In a hostel for 3–4 people in a room. Family couples in separate 2- bedrooms. All amenities on the floor: toilet, shower, kitchen.
  • Transportation (From the place of residence to the warehouse):
    • – Public transport (30–50 minutes), travel card (paid by the employer, adds cost to wages).
    • Avia tickets to Budapest –> Paid by the employee
  • Food
    • – Paid by the employee
  • Medical insurance
    • – Done by the employer (free of charge)
  • Advance Payment
    • – Once a week (the first advance can be received after 10 days from the release date). The advance payment is 60 euros per week.
  • Sick leaves:
    • – After receiving medical insurance, payment of 70%.
  • Compliance with standards
    • – After training, you need to do 100% of the norm and more. The average rate of compliance with the standards at the enterprise is 110%.
    • – Compliance with the rules requires speed and attention.



7 days of training: 3 days training with a trainer and 4 days with a group. Payment for the period of study differs from the standard payment:

– The first two days are paid at a rate of 1060 forints/hour (2.65 euros/hour)

– from the 3rd to the 7th day the rate is 1300 forints/hour (3.25 euros/hour)


Payment is hourly. There are two components of wages (The rate depends on the norms (average monthly norm indicator)):

– 1200 forints/hour netto (3 euros/hour net) if the rates are from 75 to 89%

– HUF 1300/hour net (3.25 EUR/hour net) if the rates are from 90 to 99%

– 1500 forints/hour netto (3.75 euros/hour net), if the rate is from 100%

If there was at least one missed schedule without a reason (the reason can only be your illness, there must be a certificate from a doctor), the rate will be reduced by 20%.

Surcharge for the sector (for everyone, regardless of the rules):

– Refrigerator – 10%;

– Freezer – 20%;

Surcharges and bonuses, only for employees who work with norms from 100%:

      • – for each % over fulfillment of the norm + % to the rate (when the norms are exceeded, the rate increases);
      • – Weekends (Saturday, Sunday):
      • 100-115% of the norm – + 20%;
      •  115% and more – +25%.

For a shift duration of more than 10 hours and more than 100% of the norm + 5% to the rate (for each additional hour)

The average hourly wage, if 100% of the norm is fulfilled, is from 1650 to 2000 forints/hour (4.12 to 5 euros/hour net).

Monthly average with chart:

– 4/1 is 212 hours + 100% of the norm = 750 euros clean on hand

– 4/1 is 212 hours + 110% of the norm = 850 euros clean on hand

– 6/1 is 220 hours + 100% of the norm = 900 euros clean on hand

– 6/1 is 220 hours + 110% of the norm = 1000 euros clean on hand



  1. Service fee: 1450€
  2. Processing time: 1-2 weeks


Please note that all applicants will undergo a selection process, which includes interviews and skill assessments. We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome candidates from all backgrounds to apply. Please don’t forget the payment, otherwise we can’t process you!


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